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Welcome to O Baby Boutique
We're committed to helping you
Welcome to O Baby Boutique Online! We are very excited to bring you original artwork designs silk-screened on baby clothing and accessories. All our designs feature our original trademark protected "O Baby" logo.  

It all began as a creative idea in the minds of two mothers. Now your little ones can wear our unique designs in style! We hope you enjoy checking out our shop.
Just email us at obabyboutique@comcast.net with any questions.
Quality you can't beat
O baby Boutique is a unique brand specializing in onesies and t-shirts for children under the age of two. We produce original artwork and then transfer it to these items through the silk screening process. We purchase high quality product of 100% interlock cotton to use with our designs and then add bows, blanket stitching and other fashionable details to many of the items to make them even more unique. We are an American company located in Virginia where we have spent all of our lives.  erlock

The idea for Obaby came from watching our own children and others when they were infants. The way that these babies could form such a perfect little O with their mouths just naturally lent itself to all of them being called O babies.

Whether the item you order is gender neutral, for a girl with the sweetness of O baby, or for a boy with the wink of O baby, we hope that you and your children enjoy our products as much as we do.  

Thank you for your patronage.

  Lynn and Kathy

 Your baby can become an "O Baby" too!
 O Baby Boutique  P.O. Box 6241, Ashland, VA 23005